Swindon Seniors Forum, hereafter referred to as ‘the Forum’, aims to provide an independent, inclusive forum for discussion and debate on the issues and concerns of older citizens within the Borough of Swindon. It will be run by older people for older people and be independent of external influences. In pursuit of these overriding objectives, SSF aims to:

  1. Promote the welfare and interests of older people within the Borough of Swindon.
  2. To combat ageism against, and promote a positive image of, older people.
  3. Provide a regular forum for the exchange of information, ideas and experience, to encourage older people to have their say on issues that concern them and an opportunity to bring those issues and concerns to the notice of the appropriate authorities, organisations, charities, etc.
  4. Assist with the opportunities for older people to be consulted by statutory bodies, such that they have greater opportunity to have a say in, and influence, decisions on issues and concerns that affect them.
  5. Liaise and work in partnership with local, regional or national organisations and institutions who have similar aims, objectives and interests.
  6. Be a democratic, independent non-party political, non sectarian and non profit-making organisation, that welcomes participation regardless of ethnic origin, disability, faith, gender or sexuality.
  7. Membership of the Forum

  8. Membership, with full voting rights, shall be open, irrespective of nationality, race, colour, political or religious belief, gender or sexuality, to any individual, over fifty five (55) years of age and living within the Borough of Swindon.
  9. Membership is free to all people entitled to join.
  10. Full members shall be entitled to one vote at meetings.
  11. Associated (non-voting) membership is open to any body or person who shares the principles of the Forum and wishes to assist in achieving its aims and objectives.
  12. A membership may be terminated by resolution of the Management Committee on the ground that in their opinion the member’s continued membership is harmful to the Forum (but only after notifying the member in writing and considering the matter in the light of any written representations which the member submits within 14 clear days after receiving notice).
  13. Any changes to the terms and conditions of membership of the Forum shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  14. For the sole purposes of facilitating communication and flow of information, the Forum will retain a list of members and their contact details.
  15. General Meetings

  16. There will be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) at which the Management Committee shall be elected. At least 21 days notice must be given to the full membership to enable nominations for election.
  17. Other extraordinary meetings shall be held as required or if not less than 25% of the Forum membership request that one is convened.
  18. The Management Committee will arrange at least two (2) open general meetings during the year within the Borough of Swindon.
  19. A quorum at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting shall be not less than 10 in number or 10% of the total membership if greater.
  20. Management Committee

  21. A Management Committee of no more than 12 members in total, shall be elected at the AGM.
    • Members of the Management Committee shall serve for no longer than 2 terms (6 years) after which time they must stand down for at least one year before seeking re-election.
    • The Management Committee will elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and a quorum for any of its meetings shall be 5 voting members including at least one officer. Where neither the Chair or Vice Chair can attend, the meeting shall elect a Temporary Chair.
  22. The Management Committee shall meet at least 4 times a year and voting decisions shall be by a simple majority, with the Chair having the casting vote.
  23. The Management Committee
    • may co-opt a maximum of four members to serve as committee members until the next AGM, at which time they must seek election in the usual manner.
    • In addition, the Management Committee may invite any member or associate member to a meeting where their particular knowledge or experience may be useful.
  24. Should a Management Committee member not attend (3) consecutive meetings without giving an acceptable reason for non-attendance, that member will be deemed to have resigned.
  25. Should the Management Committee be reduced to less than 5 voting members, and nobody from the Forum membership comes forward, the Forum will be dissolved according to the procedures set out below.
  26. Publicity

  27. All publicity, press or media coverage etc can only claim to represent Forum views and opinions if it has the endorsement of the Management Committee, a Forum Extraordinary general meeting or an AGM.
  28. Funding

  29. The Forum shall be funded by donations and the Management Committee may seek funds and grants from funding bodies.
  30. Finances

  31. No member shall at any time be entitled to any commission, percentage, payment or inducement or derive (directly or indirectly) any pecuniary benefit when undertaking business on behalf of the Forum.
  32. Members who are asked to represent the Forum at meetings outside the Borough of Swindon can claim travel and incidental expenses.
  33. Full accounts of the financial affairs of the Forum, will be formally inspected and made available to every member, on request, prior to the AGM.
  34. Modifications

  35. Modifications to the Constitution can only be agreed by a majority of those voting at the AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting, where 21 days clear notice of the proposed changes have been notified to all members of the Forum.
  36. Dissolution

  37. A decision to dissolve the SSF can only be taken by a majority vote at an AGM or Special General meeting. Any Forum assets will be used to pay any outstanding debts and/or transferred to other such charitable organisations having objectives similar to SSF.
  38. Equality and Diversity Policy
  39. The Forum has an Equality and Diversity Policy set out in a separate document, copies of which are available on request to the Forum Secretary.
  40. Complaints Procedure

  41. The Forum's Complaints procedure is set out in a separate document, available on request from the Forum Secretary, and relates to Forum members and others attending Forum events.

Amendments and Archives

Amendment I: AGM 2015

The name of the forum was changed from Swindon Older People's Forum (SOPF) to Swindon Seniors Forum (SSF).

Amendment II: AGM 2017

  1. Para 2:
    combat ageism and promote a positive image of all older people
    Amended to read: To combat ageism against, and promote a positive image of, older people;
  2. Para 25:
    No member shall at any time be entitled to any expense, commission ...
    Amended by removing the word 'expense';
  3. Para 27:
    The Forum has an Equal Opportunities Policy ...
    Amended to read: The Forum has an Equality and Diversity Policy ... .

PDF version of the Constitution as amended at AGM 2017 (Amendment II)
PDF version of the Constitution as amended at AGM 2015 (Amendment I)

About Us

Swindon Serniors Forum (SSF) is a community organization that promotes the welfare and interests of older people within the Borough of Swindon and at the same time maintain independence from external influence.

We are run by a management committee of elected volunteers and provide opportunities for encouraging older people to have their say and exert influence on issues that concern them. We aim to keep you informed of our work and updated on all local and national issues that might impact on your life.

More about the Forum

The Forum was founded in November 2011 by the late David Brown and Carol Brownlee (read more here) and has continued to grow ever since (read the feature in the Swindon Advertiser). Our most recent achievements include the first Swindon summit on loneliness and the promotional video which we made with Swindon Viewpoint Community Media to raise awareness of the extent and effect of loneliness. Your input is valuable and we look forward to hearing  from you about the issues that matter to you most.

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