Swindon Seniors Forum recognizes and values people's differences and will treat all people with dignity and respect.


This policy is designed to ensure that Swindon Seniors Forum complies with its obligations under equality legislation and demonstrates our commitment to treating people equally and fairly.

Swindon Seniors Forum is unreservedly opposed to any form of discrimination on the grounds of. Age, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Marriage and civil Partnership, Pregnancy and Maternity, Race, Religion and Belief, Sexual Orientation. It will tackle social exclusion, inequality and discrimination.

All volunteers and members have the right to be free from harassment and bullying of any description, or any other form of unwanted behaviour and SSF will work to ensure that such behaviour is met with appropriate action in whatever context it occurs.

All volunteers and members have the right to be free from discrimination because they associate with another person who possesses a Protected Characteristic or because others perceive that they have a particular Protected Characteristic, even if they do not.


The policy applies to members, volunteers, management committee.

Policy statement

As a forum we value the variety of different views, outlooks, skills, backgrounds and approaches that a management committee bring. This assists us to provide improved services and increase our understanding of our members.


Management Committee and volunteers and members of Swindon Seniors Forum have a duty to act within this policy, ensure it is followed and to draw attention to any suspected discriminatory acts or practices, your involvement may be jeopardised should you not follow this policy Volunteers, members and management committee are also personally liable under equality legislation for any act of unlawful discrimination.


All management committee and members will be involved in creating an equality environment and one that values diversity.

  • We will make our services accessible by considering formats for promotional material
  • Considering locations where the organisation’s services are promoted / advertised.
  • Considering the diverse make up of our volunteers in relation to our forum
  • Considering whether information should be available in alternative formats

We are therefore committed to ensuring that, as a forum all our actions and activities are genuinely available and accessible to all potential participants and that our initiatives do not have a negative impact on any disadvantaged groups. This includes:

  • Open meetings and AGM
  • Management meetings
  • Conferences.

As a forum, we are particularly aware of the difficulties which many people have in accessing services and so we are keen to ensure that meetings are held at appropriate times for the forum, facilities are accessible to disabled people and transport is available and accessible according to need, we welcome everyone from our community.

Reporting Discrimination

Volunteers who feel that they have suffered any form of discrimination should raise the issue through the following means. (Complaints procedure in SSF constitution)

Swindon Seniors Forum has this policy because it is a people–led forum that must always ensure it meets the needs of the members through fair and appropriate development of the people who volunteer for SSF management committee.


This policy will be reviewed every two years by the chair and Management Committee to ensure that it remains up to date and reflects the needs and practice of the forum. Next review due by November 2016.

Next Review: 27 November 2017

PDF version of the Policy

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