Swindon Seniors Forum, a voluntary peer group, undertook this small and basic survey with older people in the Swindon area on the subject of loneliness.


85 Individuals, over the age of 55 years, completed the survey and the results are given in this document. The survey did not ask for names of participants. The survey was designed by members of Swindon Seniors Forum.

The survey questionnaire was distributed through the Swindon Seniors Forum and Swindon Carers. The majority were completed by members of Swindon Seniors Forum and therefore by people who are currently engaged in activities outside their home.

Future Scope

This could be taken further by a number of meetings of older people where ideas could be shared and/or a wider range of people consulted in more detail on the relevant and specific issues and suggestions for dealing with those issues. It would also be helpful to widen the number of participants and reach people who are less likely to leave their homes and to attend meetings or other community/leisure events.

Recognized Effects of Loneliness

Andy Nazer, from The Campaign to End Loneliness said: “ can have the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and should be recognised as a serious public health issue.” The Campaign to End Loneliness wants to see local authorities across the country taking a lead on tackling it in their communities. So we were delighted that Andy, Campaign ambassador, spoke at our Open Meeting in April this year (2016) as part of this very important event on combating loneliness.”

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